Our Privacy Policy

Iwasaki Sangyo Co.,Ltd. is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information we gather under “Personal Information Protecting Law.”

Iwasaki Sangyo Co.,Ltd. (here in after referred as Iwasaki Hotels) use your personal information provided by your application to the extent of communicating with you, arranging our services and receiving the services provided by the third party for you.

In addition, Iwasaki Hotels may use your personal information for the purpose of:
(1) Sending you information about the promotional products, service and campaign of Iwasaki Hotels and its partner companies.
(2) Asking you to provide your comments and feedback after your stay.
(3) Conducting surveys.
(4) Offering you special privileges.
(5) Creating statistical data.

As a group company, Iwasaki Hotels may share your personal information among Iwasaki Group companies such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address to the extent of contacting you. Iwasaki Group might also share and use your personal information in order to send our information about our company, products and events, and to send products which you purchased. If you wish to stop receiving our direct mails and other information described above, please do not hesitate to contact following offices.

Iwasaki Hotels’ Personal Information Desk

Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel


TEL : +81-993-22-2131
FAX : +81-993-24-5869

Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel


TEL : +81-995-78-4888
FAX : +81-995-78-8899

Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel


TEL : +81-997-47-3888
FAX : +81-997-47-3788

Tanegashima Iwasaki Hotel


TEL : +81-997-26-6888
FAX : +81-997-26-6887

Tanegashima Golf Resort


TEL : +81-997-27-7888
FAX : +81-997-27-7771

Ibusuki Golf Club


TEL : +81-993-32-3141
FAX : +81-993-32-3042