Garden & Art Museum

Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel : A vast garden approximately 500,000 m² (approx. 122 acre). Experience the full exotic atmosphere of a southern island.
The garden hosts a wide variety of sports, activities and facilities. It is ideal for enjoying the walking track or taking a casual stroll in a beautifully maintained garden full of flowers and greenery. We can provide garden carts and cycles are available for rent.
Iwasaki Art Museum and Iwasaki Yoshie Gallery
Iwasaki Art Museum and Iwasaki Yoshie Gallery
Iwasaki Museum exhibits articles of eminent artists such as Maurice de Vlaminck, Seiki Kuroda, Takeji Fujishima, etc. It also holds collections of French paintings after 19th century, Japanese paintings, Ink brush paintings, etc. Iwasaki Yoshie Art Gallery exhibits collections such as ethnic arts from Papua New Guinea, Satsuma Pottery and Arita China.
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Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel:Art Museum & Craft Gallery