Wedding & Honeymoon

Liberty Club : Restaurant Wedding
 Restaurant weddings with rich resort style ambiance tailored by Iwasaki hotels
Liberty Club is in the center of Tenmonkan, and is known as the pioneer of restaurant of weddings. It is very popular with couples who want to have a carefree wedding.
Liberty Club
forest wedding
Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel : Southern Wedding
 Garden chapel (wedding) at the best location surrounded by the ocean, manicured lawn gardens and crystal blue skies.
Under a clear blue sky, and set at green stage beside Kinkouwan, have a delightful wedding at Iwasaki Hotel's proud garden chapel.
Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel:Wedding
southern wedding
Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel : Forest Wedding
Against the background of everlasting deep green nature, the couple can exchange vows of their eternal love.
Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel's garden wedding is at the front of the beautiful Mocchomu mountain with green lawn grass and natures blessings.
Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel:Wedding
forest wedding